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We are a virtual human studio for brands and talents

Our team

Tung Monkey

CEO / Creative Director

Huy Pencil

Strategy Director

Sang Fang

Executive Producer

Beyond physical world

Brands and talents can live beyond the physical world now, so AVAS develop creative technology to build brand's virtual world, brand's virtual ambassadors, and celebs' virtual human version, celeb's exclusive virtual world. We also develop virtual idols for the future entertainment industry.

Identity in Metaverse

We bring a virtual version of celebs, VVIP and brand mascots into content, shows and livestreams
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Stage in Metaverse

We design and build virtual stages for entertainers and brands to perform beyond imagination
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Branding in Metaverse

We develop brand experiences in metaverse that connect with brand values, drive purchases.
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Unique stories

With virtual identity and the metaverse, brands and celebs can tell stories in unique way beyond imagination
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Clients & partners

We are proud to work with pioneering brands and talents

AVAS is a virtual human studio
Where talents meet technology

F Central — 16A Le Hong Phong, P.12, Q.10

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